Alpharetta Newborn Session


Want a newborn experience that will stop at nothing to get you beautiful images, while protecting the amazing new person you recently welcomed to the world?  Read on about Baby J’s Alpharetta newborn session!


Baby J was just a little older than my typical newborn clients when he came in for his Newborn Portrait Session in Alpharetta.  For anyone that doesn’t know, the ideal age for newborn portraits is between 7-10 days new.  Outside of that, we can still get GORGEOUS images of your little one, but it can change the type of image we are able to get, as well as how your baby experiences the session.  The short version is, we typically get more wrapped and swaddled styling, and we have a better chance of getting some images with your baby’s eyes open.  You can read more about the differences with “older” newborns here.

Baby J was an incredibly cooperative little guy, but he was also a HUNGRY guy.  He stopped for two full feedings (no worries, we have time built in for that!).  However, when he decided he was hungry yet again, we ran into a problem… he had already finished his food for the rest of the morning!  We were done with his portraits alone, but still had portraits with his Mama and Daddy left to do.  I got him to settle in and doze off, but when I started to pose him with his Daddy… he woke right up and decided he was done!  He was hungry, he was tired, and he had modeled for long enough that morning.

Change of Plans

After checking with Mama to see what she wanted to do, we stopped the session early so that she could get her little man the food and rest he needed.  She handled her little guy like a pro, and when I checked in later that afternoon, I was so happy to hear he was sleeping happily after (another!) feeding.

Since we weren’t able to get any images of Baby J with his parents, I contacted his Mom to see if we could squeeze them in for a short follow-up session to get those oh-so-important portraits of baby & Mama and Daddy.  Luckily we were able to find a 30 minute spot that worked for everyone, and he rocked out the remainder of his session.


I was thrilled we were able to get this scheduled for his parents.  Images with parents are so important.  They show the tiny size and scale of your new baby better than images of your baby alone can.  And most importantly, they provide your child with a physical record of their history, a memento that speaks to how much they were loved from the very beginning.  No one could look at an image like the one below and doubt how absolutely cherished this incredible little person is.  That knowledge is one of of the most precious gifts we can give our children.

If you have a new baby on the way, feel free to contact me with any questions.  And if you don’t know what questions to ask, I can help with that too.  But whatever else you do, please be sure to carefully consider investing in having portraits made of this momentous occasion in your life and the life of your new child.


Suwanee, Georgia Newborn Photographer Colleen Hight taking picture of Dad holding newborn baby

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Suwanee, Georgia Newborn Photographer Colleen Hight taking picture of Dad holding newborn baby

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