joy. wonder. trust. love.

And most of all, laughter.  I love to capture images that reflect true emotions and connections between family members.

My Story

Like a lot of people, I turned to photography because of a new baby.  It was shortly after my first beautiful niece entered the world, and I caught the bug.  Big time. It quickly deepened into the most addictive, fulfilling, and rewarding study I’ve ever pursued.

A few things near and dear to my heart are chocolate, chick flicks, God, & family.  Although not in that order.  See below for a few more embarrassing details, or click to talk!

Bits & Pieces

It can be intimidating to trust someone with taking your picture, so I’ll go first.  I’ll trust you with some things about me.  No judgment zone, right??

Confessions of a Movie-aholic

I like chick flicks. Like, really enjoy them. I also cry easily at movies, and alas… not a pretty crier.

Books, Marvelous Books!

I love to read.  My favorites are historical fiction, but I’ll read most genres.  I even love the smell of books.

Nerd Alert

I’m a game nerd. Total sucker for a good game night. If you need an extra, call me, I’m in!

Par for the Course

I was an avid golfer until my first son was born. Now I’m an average golfer, but I still love it.

Your Turn!

Okay, now you know some of my embarrassing secrets… your turn!  Click below to drop me a note.  Let me know something about you, and if there’s any way I can help you in your photography journey!

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving.  What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
— Aaron Siskind

Gear Check

I’m a Canon girl, so that’s what you’ll find in my bag.  I also love using off camera lights & reflectors to add just a little eye-sparkle and brighten faces.  I keep some odds and ends to keep my younger clients entertained, like lens animals, and I travel with a few props for on-site sessions.  You can find me the day of your session with all this packed to the brim in an old-school Radio Flyer wagon.  Which you can also sit in for pictures, if you’re so inclined.

my style

With newborns & babies, my goal is to show them as naturally as possible and highlight who they are.  I love clean, classic, timeless looks for newborns.  Not too much pageantry, but lots of layers and texture, with your new baby as the focal point of her images, and your connection with her the subject of your family images.

Babies are explorers by nature, and for milestone sessions I like to let them explore their environment and capture images that will really remind you of what they were up to at this particular stage.  That includes their smiles, of course, and other expressions that come naturally to them as they check out their world.

For families, I have one focus, and it’s having fun and enjoying each other.  I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to make our session more like a full-family play date.  When we’re finished, you should feel like you just got to hang out and play and enjoy your family.  Oh, and added bonus; you’ll have some beautiful images to remember the day.

What I love…

…about photography.  There are two different bodies of knowledge you need to be a great photographer, and I have yet to get tired of learning about either.  There are all the technical aspects of understanding how to read light and adjust your equipment accordingly.  And then there is the challenge of connecting with the people you are photographing and finding ways to help them relax, forget about you, and show you flashes of who they really are.

It is putting those two completely different skill sets together, each of which could fill an entire library with theory and how-to volumes, that keeps me completely hooked.  I would love to work with you and show you just how beautiful real emotion and real connection are, captured to enjoy forever.


Laughter is one of my favorite things to photograph.  Kids are easier since they laugh so much more than we do.  Women often don’t initially like an image of themselves laughing.  But it’s always a favorite of their family.  So throw your head back and laugh, and know you’re beautiful when you’re joyful!


This first-time dad had a razor sharp wit.  He kept us entertained for most of the session, and he and his wife were such a pleasure to work with.  But in the space between the joking and fun, this image of him talking to his son captures the wonder that we all feel at holding something so perfect that we helped create.


Someone you can rely on.  Depend on.  Count on.  Believe in their ability and willingness to put you first and have your back.  Truly trusting someone is an incredibly complex, powerful emotion.  Getting to capture the element of trust between two people is a truly powerful experience.


It’s expressed in so many ways that are universal and unique at the same time.  Sometimes it’s a hug, sometimes a look, sometimes a touch.  Capturing two people who love each other, in a moment of loving each other, is priceless, and a never-ending source of joy for me when I record that moment for them to cherish.

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