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the portrait session

Do you photograph on location or in-studio?
For newborns, I offer in-studio sessions.  For baby and family sessions, I offer on-location at a variety of outdoor venues.  Both create gorgeous images, but it’s a matter of what type of look and what type of use you have in mind to decide which makes the most sense.  And of course I can help guide you in that decision if you want input.
What is a photo session with you like? How long does the photo session last and what can I expect?

I would love to share what a session is like!  I can send you a full brochure on what to expect, or you can call me anytime.  Contact me through the form at the bottom to request the brochure, or call whenever you like.

Will you direct me during the session?

Yes, I’ll make sure you know what to do!  My sessions include a combination of lifestyle and posed pictures, and I will give some level of direction for both.  As an example, for a lifestyle shot I might direct a parent to throw their child in the air, or ask children if they’ve ever played Ring-Around-the-Rosey.  For a more formally posed shot I would arrange family members in relation to each other for the best composition, and then I use games and other “proprietary” methods to get people talking and interacting with each other instead of thinking about the camera.

What should I wear?
Oooh, I have lots of ideas for making your wardrobe work for you.  Some tips I like when choosing what to wear are below, and also feel free to check out my pinterest page for lots of examples!

Coordinating around a common color theme tends to create the best images for family groups.  Choose 1-3 saturated colors (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, or purple) and mix and match so everyone is “within the theme.”  For children, matching outfits can also work, or a matching style in different colors.

Dress in layers (weather permitting) and incorporate accessories.  This is an easy way to add more looks to your photos without a full outfit change.  Scarves, hats, jackets, jewelry, layered shirts, and even change of shoes all provide more interest and more options.

Avoid white or light pastels, they tend to fight for dominance in a photo.

Wear something you are comfortable wearing!  Most people take much better photographs when they are comfortable in their clothes.

Are other people allowed to take pictures while you’re working?
The images as styled are copyrighted material, so the short answer is no.  However I do allow a few “behind-the-scenes” shots (and if you’re not sure how to tell what counts as behind-the-scenes, a good rule of thumb is if you’re at my elbow level or closer than I am to the subjects… it’s not.  wink).
How much does the portrait session cost, what do your packages cost, and what is your average client spend?

My session fee is $1300 for a Newborn, Children’s, or Famil Session. Print, digital, and product packages start at $950, and a la carte items are available starting at $750.  For more information on pricing, including what is included in the packages, contact me below!

the images

When can I view my pictures?
My typical turn-around is to have images ready for viewing within two weeks of the session date.
Will I own the copyright or print rights to my images?
Colleen Hight Photography retains copyright to all images.  Print rights and a print release with instructions are included with any digital image purchase.  That means you are free to print them with any lab you choose, on any type of product, for personal, non-commercial use.
How long until I get a copy of my pictures from my photo session?

Physical copies are ordered at your In-Person Viewing & Ordering Session.  Although delivery time can vary depending on what products you order, most orders arrive within 1-2 weeks of placing the order.

What does your standard editing or touch up look like?

I do light editing on all photos which is primarily focused on surroundings, lighting and color balance of the images to maintain a cohesive feel in a set of images.  For example, color correcting an image with improper white balance due to sun coming and going behind a cloud.

With regards to subjects, I only make editing adjustments for anything that is not a permanent feature of the subject.  For example, if a subject had an errant hair in their face, a stain on themselves or their clothes, or a noticeable non-permanent blemish on their skin, I would remove it where possible.  I do not make changes to subject’s permanent features or physical aspects (moles, weight or height, etc.) as part of my regular editing.  If a client has a specific request, I do offer some customized editing options for an additional fee.

business practices


Do you offer any kind of satisfaction guarantee?
Absolutely!  I am a strong believer in delivering the best customer service possible, especially for such a personal product as portrait photography.  As stated in my contract, if a client is not happy with their images, I will either re-shoot or refund, at my discretion.  I base this decision on the nature of the complaint and whether I feel it is something I can correct through a re-shoot, and client’s attitude and commitment to the final product.  If a client chooses to accept a re-shoot or refund, they will of course forfeit any rights/ability to use images from the original session.  It is important to note, if the images have been used in any way (i.e. downloaded, printed, shared, or posted to social media) than the re-shoot/refund guarantee is null and void.
What is your education in photography?

I have taken classes in professional photography at both Emory University and Kennesaw State University, but I consider myself primarily self taught.  I also consider myself so very lucky to have found a dream job that I enjoy so much that I LOVE to pursue my personal education, through constant reading, frequent, scheduled practicing of my craft, and annual hands-on workshops and conferences with other professional photographers.

Do you have back up gear?

Absolutely!  I have backup options for all of my primary equipment, including camera bodies, lenses, and lighting.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Another emphatic yes!  And whomever you work with for your photography needs, I strongly encourage you to select a photographer who is insured.  It speaks to their commitment to providing a high level of professional service, and protects YOU, the client, in the event of any accidents. 

Why should I hire you?

I help parents decorate their homes by creating and installing beautiful artwork of their family.  If you want images with a mix of posed and lifestyle that focus on the connections between family members, an end-to-end customer service experience, and a photographer that is committed to delivering those to you, you are in the right place and I would love to talk with you.

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Suwanee, Georgia Newborn Photographer Colleen Hight taking picture of Dad holding newborn baby

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