the family portrait experience

ready to play?

Your family session will feel more like a full-family playdate.  You will be guided through your session with a series of low-key games and questions to get everyone interacting with each other.  When you are finished, you’ll be left with memories of a fun day, as well as artwork.

See what a session is like, step-by-step!

design consultation

start with the end in mind

We will start by understanding what you really want to get out of your portrait session.  It is perfectly fine if you do not know the answer to that yet!  I will lead you through questions that will help us establish your true goals for the session, and this will help guide the rest of the design.  Great sessions are the result of careful planning and design, and our design consultation gets me the information I need to do just that. 

Design consultations can be by phone, zoom, or in person.  Here are a few questions to help you think about your vision before we meet.  

Open canvas wall decoration in dining room of client home

a few things you can ask yourself…

Beautiful printed photography album of family

HOW do I prefer to look at my printed images?  In albums?  On the wall?  Flipping through a stack of them?

WHERE do I want to display them? Are there empty wall spaces that I have been wanting to fill?  Outdated pictures I am ready to replace?  A grouping I already love, but want to add on?

WHAT is my style?  Do I lean towards framed wall art or open canvas?  Clean lines or ornate detail?  Matching artwork or mixed collages?

WHY do I want a session now, and what one or two images to I really want to get out of a session at this time?

Photographer taking picture of Dad holding his newborn baby

your session

what to expect

No need to bribe or threaten, just tell the kids that they’re going to have a relaxed day of playing together with a new friend (me!) and her camera.  I’ll handle the rest.  I work hard to plan the perfect session for you and your kids, so we can keep moving quickly and smoothly and make it fun.  All you have to do is show up.  And maybe be okay with getting a just a little bit silly.

ordering appointment

selecting your images + products

You’ll get to see your gallery of image options at your Ordering Appointment.   I’ll be on hand to guide you through selecting the products that best meet your needs, and choosing the images that work best with those products.   And because we will have worked closely to coordinate preferences for colors and style, your images will capture your family’s personality and fit perfectly in your home.

Photographer showing clients their album from family photo session
Stairway wall art gallery of family photos

delivery + installation

all the way to the finish line

The last (and most thrilling!) step is to sit back and relax as your images are delivered and professionally installed in your home.  I will be at your home with my installer to oversee and make sure your final installation is the perfect finish to your portrait experience.

Client artwork from family photo session hung over fireplace

let’s chat…

Great portraits start with great relationships, so let’s chat!

sample work

Extended family laughing together on steps in midtown Atlanta, Georgia
Family in Lawrenceville, Georgia field in front of haystack
Newborn baby boy lying curled on brown and cream background
Family fo four with son and daughter sitting on bridge in Marietta park
Eyes open newborn portrait of newborn baby girl in purples. Photo by Colleen Hight Photography.
Family of four sitting on Bridge in Suwanee, Georgia Park
Family with two teens sitting on stone steps in downtown Atlanta, Georgia
Teen brothers at sunset in field in Lawrenceville, Georgia

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what to wear

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Suwanee, Georgia Newborn Photographer Colleen Hight taking picture of Dad holding newborn baby

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Suwanee, Georgia Newborn Photographer Colleen Hight taking picture of Dad holding newborn baby

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