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I have two sons that I love & adore, and then a few things that I consider to be kind of like a fur baby.  Not quite a kid, but really special and important.  My studio is one of those.

A labor of love and a place where I spend a LOT of time, it was important to me when designing my studio space that it be those two things that make up the holy grail of design:  functional and pretty. 

Being a photographer, functional means lots of storage options, lots of power options, very particular wall color specifications, and of course, very specific lighting needs.  And being a creative means it all has to look pretty!

At the time of writing this, I’m still in the process of hanging the artwork and putting a few finishing touches on the “amenities” (think changing tables and other helpful things for new parents), but I wanted to go ahead and share now, so here’s a peek at my pride and joy, my happy place, my third kid…

The Space

Light gray walls with zero color cast offer a lovely neutral backdrop, and no color reflected on my subjects. White wood floors and fluffy rugs for timeless, neutral floor coverings, or seamless paper for a quick change-up in color and style. And lots of shelving and hooks for props and accessories!


Classic.  Vingtage.  Fun & Funky.  Themed.  I have it all.  I also love working with textrues, so you’ll see lots of different textures and materials represented in my props collection.


I can create sets in pretty much any color imaginable.  If you can imagine it, I can design it.  And if design is not your thing, creating sets is one of my favorite things to do.  No, seriously, I do it in my free time because I love it!

Headbands & Tie Backs & Crowns, Oh My!

From tiny, delicate, barely there accents, to big, bold, statement florals, to diamond crowns and headpieces, I have all the headbands we need to dress up your little girl.  All my accessories are updated continuously to keep my images fresh and your baby’s portraits unique.

Dapper & Darling Knit Outfits

Is there anything that says newborn or baby as much a teeny tiny knit outfit?  I don’t think so, either!

Fabulous Florals

Florals are just one more beautiful way to add texture and color, as well as to capture the season of your baby’s birth.  I”m always happy to add to my floral collection, so if you have a special type of flower or organic prop in mind, just let me know!  If I can incude it, I will!

360° View

Get dizzy seeing the whole thing in three hundred sixty degrees of awesomeness!

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