What in the World to Wear?

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This is probably the single most common question I get.  And understandably so…. most moms do not feel like themselves yet just a week or two after giving birth!  But rest assured, you will look like yourself (not your I-just-had-a-baby self, but your real self) in your photos.  With a combination of professional styling, lighting, and posing, you will look picture perfect.  Whether you’re feeling it or not just yet!  And to make sure, here are some helpful tips on what to wear.

comfort is key

Newborn sessions involve holding, cuddling, and bending. Choose clothes that feel good and allow for movement.  That means both that they feel comfortable, and that you feel good in them.  One great way to do this is to embrace soft silhouettes by choosing flowing blouses, knit sweaters, or draped dresses that skim your curves without clinging. This flatters postpartum shapes and adds femininity.  It’s also much more comfortable than having anything that feels too fitted or constricts movement.

colors & textures

Neutrals like cream, white, or dove grey create a timeless look, while soft pastels will give a peaceful feel to your images. If bolder suits you, try rich jewel tones.  If you’re not sure what you want, do not stress, I will be right there to help you choose what will look best for your family and your gallery.

Aim for a cohesive color pallett, as opposed to matching.  Choosing varied shades around a common hue creates a beautiful harmony, and baby can be wrapped in a slightly brighter option in the same color family to stand out.  Patterns can be beautiful, just aim for medium-sized options that won’t fight for attention (too big) or create an ugly moire effect in camera (too small).

Mix and match textures for visual interest. A flowy dress or top on mom, paired with a textured knit sweater on dad creates a dynamic feel in your images.  If your session has a seasonal theme, embrace it! Soft linens and light florals for spring, or cozy knits and rich jewel tones for winter let you celebrate the season your baby made their arrival.

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      In general, jewelry is best kept small, minimalist, and delicate for a newborn session for practical reasons.  Some poses will have your baby posed very close to your face, which can make bigger necklases or earrings in the way. or even a danger of scratching delicate skin.  But if you have some pieces you love that you would like included, just let me know and I’ll design some poses to incorporate them into your session.

      For under your clothes, seamless, supportive undergarments are your best friend. Where possible, opt for smooth lines under clothing, but prioritize comfort first.  And keep in mind that most shots will be bust & up, so no need to worry about what is happening below that!

          kid wardrobes

          Your baby is the easiest part of your wardrobe… your baby does not need any outfits!  I have everything I need in my studio, including outfits, wraps, accessories, and everything else.  If you have something you would like your baby photographed in, make sure to let me know during your design consult, and I’ll design it into our session.  In general, clothing does not photograph well on newborns, but I love including items that have meaning to a family.  Because of that I have lots of creative ways to include them in your session.

          For older siblings, I will go back to my first point:  comfort is key!  If you have some soft knit t-shirts or sweaters in a solid color, those tend to photograph beautifully.  Jeans or other pants work great and tend to stay put.  Dresses can work beautifully for girls, just be aware they are more likely to shift around in the laying and sitting poses as kids move.  A lot!  So it is important that they fit fairly well to photograph well.

              Yves Saint Laurant

              Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.

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